Five reasons to move to the Cloud

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There’s a reason 85% of enterprises are using multiple clouds -  Tier 2 Consulting shares its top five reasons why you should consider moving to the Cloud instead of using on-premise infrastructure.

Cloud computing has taken over most industries’ online processes - with 92% of businesses stating that their IT environment (infrastructure, applications, data analytics, etc.) relies on the Cloud.

But what is cloud computing, anyway?

Red Hat defines cloud computing as the act of running workloads within clouds - which are IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Neither cloud computing nor clouds are technologies unto themselves.

  • Cloud computing is an act - the function of running a workload in a cloud.

  • Clouds are environments - places where applications run.

  • Technologies are things - software and hardware used to build and use clouds.

There’s a reason 85% of enterprises are using multiple clouds - we share our top five reasons why you should consider moving to the Cloud instead of using on-premise infrastructure.

  1. Time-saving: Getting started with the Cloud is far quicker and easier compared to installing a brand new local server - especially if it means ordering new hardware, which could take weeks to arrive. Application development happens more quickly in the Cloud, and we can help you seamlessly migrate, doing what you need to in seconds.

  2. Scale: The Cloud is incredibly flexible, and you can scale resources automatically according to load; for example, at seasonal peaks when your server might have a higher workload. As importantly, you can scale back when the load reduces.

  3. Cost saving: Moving to the Cloud can be a good business investment. Cost can be spread out monthly, rather than having to buy hardware up-front, and you won’t have to spend money on physical equipment and maintenance.

  4. Resource: Cloud computing requires fewer physical servers, which means fewer resources are used. There is no need for additional tech support to look after the Cloud, unlike on-premise hardware, which takes teams of people to maintain. If an issue arises, you also won’t need to send someone down in person to look at it.

  5. Fewer operational issues: The Cloud has far fewer operational issues than other infrastructures and is more reliable than on-premise servers. The Cloud is operated, maintained and supported through companies whose only job is to make the cloud functional and bug-free, so small issues are found quicker. Undetected bugs on your own hardware infrastructure can easily turn into a larger problem, which takes time and money to fix.

These are just a handful of the many advantages of moving to the Cloud - you can also benefit from increased efficiency, improved security, boosted performance, and have the opportunity to downsize your data centres (or completely get rid of them).

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? A study by Microsoft also found that cloud storage can be between 79-93% more energy-efficient than a traditional on-premise data centre.

If your business is not actively utilizing the cloud, there’s no better time to switch than now.

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