How to deliver a great candidate experience when recruiting virtually

The world as we know it is changing, and that means that the way we work and hire is also changing. But what practices should we use when the decision is made to hire someone new? What steps should you put in place? How do we speak to them without meeting in person? Can it be done? 

The answer is, yes! Busy Bee Recruitment, make it their priority to make the candidate experience the best there is. And so have added some top tips to help you deliver a great candidate experience virtually to make it easier for both you and the candidate…

  • Create a clear job description and make it clear to the candidate what the hiring process will entail.

  • Consider writing an FAQ to your job description or to your website – This will help candidates understand more about the hiring process and answer any questions in more detail.

  • Give as much prep information as possible ready for the video interview –

    • Include what they will need for the interview i.e. Laptop, smartphone with a working webcam etc.

    • What they will need to wear ready for the interview.

    • What the interview will entail so that they are prepared.

  • Be prompt at responding to all candidates throughout the whole recruitment process – Be sure to give as much feedback as possible.

  • Add your own spin onto the virtual process – You could add a virtual office tour, add pictures onto social media to show what it is like working for your company. All of this will help to give your future candidates an insight into your business virtually. It will make a big difference.

  • When you have chosen your ideal candidate, welcome them in a fun way that matches your culture to make them feel more at ease.

  • You will then be able to start the new onboarding process.

You can find out more about the onboarding process by visiting Busy Bee's blog “Remote working and introducing new onboarding processes

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