How to fit work around your studies

Are you struggling to fit both your work and studies into your daily and weekly routine? Here are four top tips to help you manage your work and study life successfully:

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

  1. Set yourself goals: Setting yourself goals is a realistic way to stay driven and organised, it will help to keep you on track with your studies as well as give you that much needed time to focus on work and not forgetting, some down time to switch off.
  2. Prioritise: Do not force yourself into taking on too much all at once. Instead, prioritise what needs to be done more urgently and focus on that. If your studies are taking up more hours than you expected, be sure to take on a role that is less demanding to help you in your studies.
  3. Start early: By starting your day a little earlier than you normally would, you could fit in an extra hour or two of studying before you begin your workday. Doing this could make all the difference by helping to remove some of that added pressure.
  4. Stick to a schedule: Sometimes it can be far too easy to get distracted or to multi-task a million and one things, but if you create a schedule where you stick to a daily routine for both studying and working, it will help you in creating your desired work life balance. Remember to also give yourself plenty of hard-earned breaks!

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