How to improve your communication skills

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Communication is a key part of everyday life. You need communication skills in order to speak effectively, pass detailed messages across and to also meet and greet individuals. Having good communication skills can enable you to develop more skills, gain confidence and even become more advanced in your field of work.

Busy Bee Recruitment offes four tips to help you improve your communication skills...

Not only does communication help in the workplace but it can also help you develop in the outside world by giving you more knowledge and confidence. The more you speak to people and the more you ask questions, the more you will understand and learn. The more you understand and learn will then help you gain confidence.

Here are our 4 tips to improve your communication skills:

1. Listening: Make sure you take your time in listening, write down important details, take in every small detail and always repeat back if you are unsure. Listening is essential to many roles in business including; training, managing, interviewing, sales, negotiation and market research. Being able to listen can help you make decisions, deal with complaints, push sales and maintain relationships. Good listening enables us to show that we are listening, paying attention and that we care. 

2. Speaking: Speaking is as important as listening. In a way they are kind of the same. When speaking you need to speak with a warm, soft and confident tone. For example, when you meet and greet someone into your business you want them to feel warm and welcome and with your warm, soft and confident tone this will enable them to feel this way. It will also give them a good impression of yourself and the business. 

3. Eye contact: Eye contact is a form of body language and is key when communicating. When keeping eye contact this indicates that you are engaged in conversation, listening and most of all paying attention. It is a form of gaining trust and letting that person know you are interested in their topic of conversation. If you have bad eye contact this will give off a bad impression and will look like you are not interested.

4. Confidence: To ensure you communicate with confidence you need to come across; happy, calm, helpful, reassuring and knowledgeable. Confidence enables you to express what you are good at. When you speak with confidence it comes across that you know your stuff and are very knowledgeable. It gains trust and maintains relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues and most of all it will aid you to communicate more effectively. For more information on confidence click here.

Once you have practised all of the above then you are on your way to having excellent communication skills!

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