Immigration update on temporary visa scheme

Amid worker shortages, the government has introduced a temporary visa scheme for HGV food drivers and poultry workers, which opened this week (11 October).

Julie Moktadir, Head of Immigration at Stone King

Julie Moktadir, Head of Immigration at Stone King, says: “In immigration terms the scheme offers a short-term fix in the run up to Christmas and at this stage we do not know if any extensions may be available once temporary visas are due to expire.”
The guidance confirms that there are 4,700 temporary visas available for HGV food drivers, and those applying to the scheme should do so by 1 December 2021. These visas will expire on 28 February 2022.
For poultry workers, there will be 5,500 temporary visas available. Applications for these visas should be made by 15 November and all poultry worker temporary visas will expire on 31 December 2021.

Julie adds: “I expect there may be an initial rush in applications but we will have to wait and see what proportion of the over 10,000 available visas are taken up on such a short term basis.”

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