Interact's gesture of goodwill helps three local charities


Interact, a network of construction and property business clubs throughout the UK, has donated £2,000 each to three Cambridgeshire charities.

Interact, which was established in 1977, brings like-minded experts together with a view of generating business opportunities in a social environment.

Colin Jones, chair of the Cambridge branch of Interact and also managing partner for Hewitsons law firm, gave the members of Interact the opportunity to vote for the charities of their choice, and receiving the most votes within the organisation were: Mind, Phoenix Trust and Arthur Rank.

Mind is a mental health charity that has a network of local branches that deliver their services in England and Wales. Services include talking therapies, peer support, advocacy, crisis care, employment and housing support. They not only support individuals but also local mental health services, and aims to change the attitudes towards mental health in their area.

The second charity chosen by Interact was the Phoenix Trust, which makes a difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities or complex needs, through the provision of a meaningful experience of work and the development of social and life skills.

The third charity to receive a donation is the Arthur Rank Hospice charity which supports people in Cambridgeshire who are living with a life-limiting illness and those who need end-of-life care. Not only does the charity care for their patients free of charge but also provide support to their loved ones.

Colin Jones said: “We are thrilled to be able to help these three Cambridgeshire-based charities which have all made an impact on the members of Interact. We understand how crucial It is for charities to receive donations to enable them to carry on their incredible work and support for the community. We hope our donations will help make a difference.”

Carla Brown, head of engagement at Arthur Rank, said: "This donation will support our work immensely. This donation alone would enable us to provide four nights of dedicated Hospice at Home care to an individual at the end of their life. This means so much to, not just the patient, but to those closest to the patient as well."

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