It's not 'just' a website - Part 2: How to commission an agency - tips from 2idesign

Everyone agrees: a website should look nice. But to be successful, a website has to tick several other boxes. It should work on an editorial design level, be well-defined, organised, intuitive and clear. Otherwise, you end up with a website that is difficult to use and with little substance.

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2idesign writes:

We have come up with a checklist for you to run through before you entrust an agency with your website design project.

We'll be posting weekly over the next four weeks. Here is our second post:


Just a website or the bigger picture?

You want the agency that will brand your website to understand the complexity of scaling companies. An agency that is thinking long term, to save you extra costs in the future.


Code and plugins

Templated themes and plugins add a lot of extra code and slow your site down. (Plugins are an easy way to add functionality to a website, instead of coding). Ask the agency you are thinking of using how they are going to build your website



Your site should be backed up daily to another server. After all the time and effort invested in building your Brand, if something was to happen to the site, a daily backup, will ensure you get the latest version up and running again quickly.


Meet the team

Meeting the team is pretty essential: How do you all get on? Personal relationships are meaningful; everyone needs to be on board and on to the same wavelength.






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