The journey of Demis Hassabis: from the computer lab to Google DeepMind

Demis Hassabis is nothing short of a legend. Among many of the skills he holds in his wide repertoire are artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, computer game designer, world-class gamer, and an astonishing technology entrepreneur. Hear him talk about his journey at a CUTEC lecture on February 19th.


Demis is one of UK’s most successful entrepreneurs with astonishing goals such as wanting to cure cancer through artificial intelligence. As Founder and CEO of DeepMind Technologies, he sold his technology to Google for £400 million in January last year.

CUTEC Lecture
Date: Thursday 19 February
Time: 18.00-20.00
Venue: Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA

At this CUTEC Lecture, Demis will talk about his journey as an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur. Demis’ goals were enormous, and yet he is on the verge of realising them. How can an individual create so much, so fast? And more importantly: how did he do it? We are not talking about IBM creating Deep Blue or Watson, we are talking about Demis Hassabis’ startup creating an AI based on neural networks and machine learning that is now able to teach itself to play classic video games to a super-human level. Apart from talking about the future of AI and how it will change the world, Demis will give life lessons to all (future) technology entrepreneurs on how to realise their dreams and goals.

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