Lambda Energy issues a progress report


Lambda Energy has developed an active coating capable of boosting the power output of a solar PV (photovoltaic) panel. Here it reports on progress in recent months and outlines its path ahead.

Simon Harris, Chairman of Lambda Energy Ltd, writes:

 The name and logo – the Greek letter lambda (λ) – is a common designation for wavelength.



Our active coating, incorporating silicon-based quantum dots, can be applied to PV glass, whether in the manufacturing process or to existing panels. As blue/green light passes through our material it is converted to red. As the PV cell is most effective at converting red into electricity, the electrical output is increased. In the diagram below you can see the effect of our coating in shifting the irradiance towards the red part of the spectrum.

Tests earlier this year at Cranfield University demonstrated gains of 2-4% in electrical output. In August we transferred our labs from Cranfield to the West Cambridge site, where we are housed at the spectacular Graphene Centre labs, with access to the nearby Nanoscience Centre, the Hauser Forum and the wider Cambridge Network.

We’re delighted to have recruited Dr Boris Breiner, a senior photo-chemist, to work alongside our CTO Dr Monica Saavedra in our scientific team. One essential piece of kit we have installed for them is a solar simulator to provide illumination approaching that of natural sunlight.

Industrial customers have indicated a demand for consistent results in the 5% range. We are now accelerating the development process with refined techniques and materials with a view to achieving that 5% by the end of 2019. After repeatability and durability testing in 2020 our aim is to license our technology to manufacturers of coatings and solar glass in 2021.


I have helped to found and build several high tech companies, especially in the New Energy sector. I joined the board as Chairman in August and I have invested alongside the Lambda founders and a group of business angels familiar with the solar industry. The latest investor is Dr Russell Gilbert, who spent 30 years as a project manager/director with Shell. After retirement Russ took an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems and brings with him valuable insights in the development of solar technologies.

We have raised investment of over £150,000 to date and we’re looking for a further £100,000 or so on the same terms. Of this, £30,000 is still available under SEIS, offering the greatest possible tax relief. If you are interested in joining us, as an Investor, the full Investment Memorandum is available on request.


Lambda is developing a coating for Photovoltaic (PV) panel glass to increase the power by up to 10%. Our Cambridge-based R&D company is presently raising seed finance and developing a second generation working prototype.

Lambda Energy Ltd