New report explores the future of Research and Development in the UK

A new report - Shaping the future of Research and Development in the UK - explores the untapped opportunities for the UK to make the most of our world-leading research base and capitalise on the record increase in public investment in UK research and development (R&D).

PA report R&D cover image

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In the closing months of 2020, PA Consulting embarked on a project to identify how government, academia and industry can become ‘match fit’.  PA's team spoke to more than 30 stakeholders from across the UK’s R&D community, exploring five core themes:

  •     customer needs
  •     skills and capabilities
  •     taking risks
  •     public funding for scale-ups
  •     what success looks like and how can it be measured and shared.

PA says: "We are grateful for all the support and collaboration we have had from the UK’s R&D community and look forward to continuing this as we further explore and test how the key interventions we believe will make a difference: namely for academia to increase research agility; for government to unblock UK R&D; and for industry to bridge the ‘Valley of Death’.  To get involved with, or be kept up to date with, our ongoing work in support of the research and develop sector in the UK please register here.

"As stated in the UK’s R&D Roadmap published in July 2020, 'we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our global position in research, unleash a new wave of innovation, enhance our national security and revitalise our international ties' and as PA we believe in the power of ingenuity and how it can create a positive human future.  We’re excited about R&D and working closer with the ecosystem to unlock even more of its potential."

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