PolyMERIC: New centre of excellence for polymer technology


A collaboration between TWI Ltd and London South Bank University has resulted in the creation of a new world class centre of excellence for polymer technology – named PolyMERIC (The Polymeric Materials, Engineering, Research and Innovation Centre) – which aims to advance the research and development of polymeric materials, and how they can be used by the industry.

Polymer based materials are increasingly sought-after for their light weighting properties; versatility of application, for example in the manufacture of complex geometries through 3D printing; and their ability to achieve high performance levels in aggressive environments. Therefore, the Centre will seek to create new polymeric materials, and associated testing and inspection techniques that can be adapted and integrated for use across a wide range of industries - including petrochemicals, energy, automotive, aerospace, construction, and oil and gas – in place of metal. Specific areas of focus will include materials innovation, particularly smart polymers; polymer recycling; selection and evaluation of existing polymers for new applications; and PhD studies in order to enhance proprietary research.

Amir Khamsehnezhad, formerly of TWI’s Polymer team, is delighted to have been appointed as the Director of PolyMERIC.  Since joining TWI in 2013, Amir, who specialises in thermoplastics welding, polymer processing and materials testing, has worked on numerous projects concerning polymers as well as co-authoring a number of technical papers and being involved with international standards committees.

This Innovation Centre will advance innovation in polymer materials, techniques and applications at technology readiness levels (TRLs) 1-3, building the base, and providing new knowledge, for the use of non-metallics across the industry as well as a route to market for new technologies and products. Our aim is to make a high impact amongst the engineering community and to raise the profile of polymers, leading to their wider adoption by different industry sectors.

Amir Khamsehnezhad, Director of PolyMERIC

PolyMERIC is one of a growing number of Innovation Centres, hosted by TWI, achieving technology excellence and accelerating research to meet socio-economic and environmental challenges. The centres share research and technology capabilities and undertake joint research programmes to develop the next generation of technologies and engineers in selected research disciplines. Each links closely with the National Structural Integrity Research Centre, which carries out industry led postgraduate research on structural integrity technologies.


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