Prior Scientific introduces motorized nosepieces for use with OpenStand microscopes

Prior's motorized objective changer nosepieces are the latest addition to the OpenStand product family to provide customers with additional automation for OEM optical solutions and one-off custom microscopes.

Automated nosepiece for a microscope

Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd., a manufacturer of microscopy solutions and precision optical and electromechanical equipment, today announced the launch of their motorized two and six position automated objective changing nosepieces for the OpenStand microscope line.

These products add to the automation solutions already offered by Prior and can give customers a faster way to develop custom imaging systems for life science, semiconductor, and materials applications. These motorized nosepieces can work with nearly any available microscope objectives up to and including 32mm thread diameters.  Driven with Prior’s standard ProScan III controller and related accessories, they are easy to integrate into an automated imaging system. The OpenStand can be tailored with optics and components from Prior Scientific’s motorized and manual accessories to complete your custom motorized microscope. OpenStand allows parallel hardware and software development without the risk of delays due to software revisions in the final production instrument as all Prior’s products use the same command set.

"We have had customers ask us for a motorized nosepiece solution that is both reliable and economical and we have delivered," said Thomas Freda, CEO at Prior Scientific. "The OpenStand’s automation capabilities are second to none in flexibility and at a great value to our customers".

“The addition of motorized nosepieces to the OpenStand microscope range gives our OEM customers access to a fully automated customizable microscope to develop their own product and processes and in most cases, it is the first step in the development of their own instrumentation,” said Robert Haggart, Senior Product Manager at Prior. “OpenStand’s flexible modular design gives our OEM customers access to the product they need quickly, accelerating their development process, reducing costs and time to market.”

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