Record numbers of Arm-based chips shipped

Graph showing ARM shipments

Arm silicon partners shipped a record 6.4 billion Arm-based chips in the fourth quarter of 2019 (Arm FY Q319), the third record quarter for unit shipments in the past two years. Arm saw growing demand for embedded intelligence in endpoint devices as demonstrated by the record 4.2 billion Cortex-M processors shipped.

To-date, Arm partners have shipped more than 160 billion Arm-based chips, and an average of more than 22 billion over the past three years.

Rene Haas, President, IP Products Group, Arm, commented: "This past quarter our partners shipped a record 6.4 billion Arm-based chips, including a record 4.2 billion Cortex-M processors, further cementing Cortex-M as the indisputable processor of choice for embedded and IoT applications.

"Additionally, our accelerated investments in new technologies and developer ecosystems resulted in our biggest number of licences signed in a quarter since 2015. Arm, together with the world's largest computer ecosystem, are well-positioned to enable efficient distribution of more intelligence across endpoint devices, build an AI-driven network edge, while pushing more efficiency and cost-savings into the cloud."


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