Remote working and introducing new onboarding processes

Covid has led a lot of companies and individuals to try new ways of living, but how does this affect you and your employees in new ways of working?

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Remote working is a style where you can continue to work as normal but outside of the office environment. It allows you to carry on with work wherever you are.

What is an Onboarding Process?

An Onboarding process is a way to welcome a new employee into the company and its culture. When introducing a new employee to an organisation this process can include:

  • Meeting the team
  • A welcome pack with videos, Health & Safety and printed materials
  • Computer-based introductions to welcome the new employee to their new job.

Introducing this process to your remote employees

Check out our quick tips on remote working and introducing new onboarding processes that could work for you and your company:

  • Develop a plan – Creating a plan for both your new and existing employees such as; Meetings, Agendas and informal chats can help to reduce stress and anxiety and help to raise productivity and engagement.
  • Create a checklist – This could include processes they need to complete and projects they could start on.
  • Matching remote workers – Finding a “Buddy”
  • Create a 30, 60, and 90-Day Plan for your new employee
  • A “Pre-Onboarding Package” – Creating a personalised welcome package for the new employee
  • A Digital Employee Handbook
  • Gather Employee Feedback

Creating a strong onboarding process for your remote workers could result in a higher employer retention as well lower levels of turnover. Creating the right structure gives a sense of security to your employees and the new processes that are following so be sure to always gather as much feedback from your employees to create the best place of work for both them and your company.

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