Sable&Hawkes delivers scientific digital illustration projects for global biopharmaceutical

Sartorius illustrations

Sable&Hawkes in-house digital illustrators have been used extensively by global biopharma Sartorius to help highlight, clarify and explain many of their technical products and processes. From infographics to product manuals and user guides, the firm has used digital illustration to help explain complex scientific processes and instrumentation across print and digital media.

Sable&Hawkes has been working for a number of months on the appication of a new style identity for global biopharma, laboratory, applied and life sciences company Sartorius. The project has involved the application of new design templates across products, projects and media but in one particular area the new identity has been used to its most striking effect.

For the scientitic world the issue of making the complex simple and easy to understand and therefore to act upon is a constant challenge and Sable’s ability to understand the complex and then communicate it in such and accessbie way has proven invaluable to this global biotech.

Ben Smith, Creative Director at Sable, said: "'If instructions are complex, people will resist the effort to follow them—or fail to accomplish the task your science is designed to assist them with. The Design function in this case isn’t about style it is about conciseness and clarity: making the complex simple, making the obscure, clear. In practical terms this means form follows function and avoiding the excesses of style over content. Whether we are explaing a process, a function or outcome our challenge is to get our clients technologies across in the most engaging, accurate and articulate way we can.’

Sable&Hawkes has in-house digital illustrators who are vastly experienced at working with technical companies across the scientific spectrum to explain and promote their products and technologies.


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