Screen Systems breaks the mould and makes subtitling accessible to the masses


Sasquatch, a subtitling solution for social media content, launches today, making subtitling accessible to the masses for the very first time.

Developed by Screen Systems, the number one provider of subtitling production and delivery systems, and powered by Speechmatics, the Cambridge-based leaders in machine learning and Automatic Speech Recognition technology (ASR). Sasquatch combines over four decades of subtitling expertise and industry-leading ASR to create a simpler way of subtitling for an entirely new generation of users.

Sasquatch is a cost-effective solution to easily subtitle social media content and reach a larger audience, including those with a hearing impairment, or those who are situationally disadvantaged. The tool was built with ease of use in mind to enable users to accurately subtitle their content, even if they’ve no prior experience with subtitling.

Once users upload their video content and their subtitles are automatically generated, they’re given percentage scores for text accuracy, readability, coverage and layout. Sasquatch guides users, showing them the changes that will lead to the biggest improvements, meaning higher quality subtitles, better content, and a happier, more engaged audience.

Screen System’s appreciation of what makes a good subtitle is evident throughout Sasquatch; users can choose how to present their subtitles, the speed in which they’re presented, and how they’re broken up on the screen. Speechmatics’ speech engine provides the highly accurate speech-to-text capabilities, meaning less intervention and corrections from users is required.

John Birch, Strategy and Business Development Manager at Screen Systems, comments:“Sasquatch is about the empowerment of the individual. We believe that 100% of media content should be captured - there’s absolutely no reason for it not to be. We know that there’s a very large community who are deaf but we’re also aware that there are people who can hear perfectly well who are situationally disadvantaged, like when they’re browsing social media at work.

“We want to change the way people perceive the process of subtitling,” adds Birch.

“We’re not replacing anything, we’ve just created a new way of doing subtitling for social media content and it wouldn’t be possible without Speechmatics’ leading speech-to-text technology.”


Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics, adds:“Subtitling has only ever been possible with high-end, production systems and typically only used for broadcast content. As a business, we’re passionate about making all content accessible, so we’re delighted to be partnered with Screen Systems and integrated into Sasquatch. This partnership is a further affirmation of the quality of our speech engine, and we’re incredibly excited to see the benefits Sasquatch brings both everyday content creators and consumers.”

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About Speechmatics

With the voice revolution here, Speechmatics has used its decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), available in private or public clouds and securely on-premises. The technology can be used for real-time or pre-recorded audio and video files, pushing the boundaries of speech recognition innovation and industry-leading language coverage. We’re continually developing new technology that can help customers across a variety of industries to accurately understand and transcribe spoken words, from call centres and financial enterprises to broadcast providers and beyond.

About Screen Systems

Screen was founded as Screen Electronics by Laurie Atkin in 1976, and pioneered the first ever electronic subtitling system, providing the first digital character generator to the BBC. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Screen continued to lead the market, developing a number of new subtitling technologies including fully automated transmission using timecode, the first PC based subtitle preparation system and the first multi-channel, multi-language subtitling systems.

In 2001 Screen took subtitling technologies into the 21st Century with the Polistream transmission and Poliscript preparation products. In 2011 it diversified by acquiring SysMedia Ltd, a leader in the fields of subtitle preparation and teletext content production and publishing systems. Then in 2018, the company itself was acquired by BroadStream Holdings Ltd (BHL) bringing Integrated Playout into the fold of its capability via parent company BroadStream Solutions.

Screen is now the number 1 provider of subtitling production and delivery systems in the world, and with its broader product portfolio now builds on that success with products that enhance broadcast content with value-add information services across multiple platforms and devices.


Speechmatics is a world-beating authority in Machine Learning and AI, applying the latest research to the problem of understanding speech.