Strem Chemicals offers silica-based materials for scavenger solutions

silica scavenger

Functionalised silica materials demonstrate effective removal behaviour of metals and organics.

Purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from reaction metal residues is one challenge in the pharma-industry. In contrast to the traditional purification methods, such as crystallisation, solvent extraction or chromatography based separation techniques, silica-based materials with cost effective scavenger-solutions have been proven to meet performance, environmental and regulatory purity requirements [1]. Strem Chemicals in collaboration with Si-Novation offers cost effective silica-based scavenger-solutions for:

  • Purification of pharmaceutical and biological compounds;
  • Removal and subsequent recycling of precious metals from chemical processes;
  • Recovery of precious metals and gold from mining streams;
  • Removal of toxic metals from the environment; as well as
  • New heterogeneous catalysis and;
  • Solid phase extraction materials


Fig. 1. Silica scavenger: Each coloured shape represents a single or a combination of
different functional groups, which can bind to the different target species

Metal scavenger silica gels are designed with multiple mono and polydentate functional groups (Fig. 1) that are able to react and bind excess metal complexes. Functional groups present in numerous different spatial arrangements and in specific combination with other functional groups result in numerous different binding modes to the target. Detailed structures, application scope and beneficial effects are reviewed in the corresponding product sheet.

Strem also offers other chelating/scavenger resins, a BASF Metals Scavenging Agent Kit (MSA Kit 96-6700) and metal scavengers for metathesis catalysts (07-2203)



  1. The Power of Functional Resins in Organic Synthesis (Eds.: J. Tulla‐Puche, F. Albericio); Metal Scavengers (Chapter 9, A. Mendonca); Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany 2008.


Featured Products:

07-9255 Poly Quaternary Ammonium Alkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

08-4225 Glucamine Alkyl Silica, borate scavenger

08-4230 Poly Carboxylic Acid Alkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

16-0800 Imidazole Sulfide Mercapto Alkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

16-0805 Octadecyl Sulfide Propyl Silica, non-polar impurity scavenger

16-0810 Polyamine Sulfide Alkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

16-0815 Poly Mercaptoalkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

16-0820 Tetraamine Sulfide Alkyl Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

16-0825 Thiourea Sulfide Mercapto Silica, metals and organic impurity scavenger

96-6700 BASF Metals Scavenging Agent Kit (MSA Kit)


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