Studio 24 launch a modern, inclusive website for Tim Berners-Lee's web standards organisation

After working in partnership with the international web standards body W3C for the past 3 years, the redesigned W3C website has gone live on

Screenshot of the W3C website homepage

This deployment concludes the four months the site was available in Beta and represents a massive achievement by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Studio 24 teams.

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee founded W3C in 1994 to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. W3C is responsible for key standards that make the World Wide Web work (such as HTML, CSS, accessibility, web payments and more).

Redesigning one of the oldest sites on the web is no mean feat and the project covered a wide range of work including user research, CMS platform selection, technical architecture, accessibility, content design, internationalisation, UX design, accessible HTML/CSS front-end development, Craft CMS, headless CMS, Symfony PHP development, and more.

We have more information on the project and the different work we tackled on the working in the open website. You can also read W3C’s blog post about the launch.

I'm really happy we have helped W3C move their website forward. Accessibility and building sites with web standards have been at the heart of Studio 24 since we started in 1999 and it’s just as important now. - Simon Jones, Managing Director, Studio 24

Websites need to work for everyone to be successful. Using the standards that underpin the web, which W3C helps develop, is essential to this.

Studio 24 has always believed in building a better web, using standards to make sure the sites we build are accessible to all regardless of who you are, what internet access you have, what device you’re using, or any disability you may have. In this regard our beliefs are perfectly aligned with W3C’s mission in making a ‘Web for All’.

I love the way Studio 24 work, their professionalism and expertise. We have the best partners for our project. - Coralie Mercier, Head of Marketing and Communications, W3C

A big thank you to the team at W3C who made working on this project a great experience. Developing this website is something the whole team is really proud to have achieved!

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