Success Tip: 20 skills successful managers have


Recently Madeleine Morgan of Growu was reading that most people leave their jobs because of stress. And...the biggest cause of stress is their manager! It got her thinking. What does it take to be a great manager?


Madeleine Morgan writes:

I’ve found 20 top skills that an effective manager needs to have.

So whether you’re a new manager, an experienced manager, an owner manager, a supervisor, a team leader, an executive or an aspiring manager…here’s a way to check out if you’ve got what it takes to be a great manager and what to do if you need to improve your management skills.

How Skilled a Manager Are You? Take the Quiz!

Manager PEP Assessment

What’s Your Performance Effectiveness Percentage as a Manager?

Below are 20 key management and leadership skills.

For each skill, rate yourself out of 10 for how much you know about it, how good you are at it and how often you use your knowledge and skills effectively. Then follow the instructions at the end.

  Skill KnowledgeScore out of 10 AbilityScore out of 10 FrequencyScore out of 10 Your PEP%
 1 Managing your time and prioritising the important things      
 2 Setting SMART goals for you and your team      
 3 Choosing the right people for your team      
 4 Monitoring your team’s performance regularly and giving constructive feedback      
 5 Maintaining a positive mind-set when problems arise      
 6 Motivating your team members and inspiring them to follow you      
 7 Empowering your team and delegating      
 8 Understanding people’s communication styles and adapting your style to theirs so they understand you well      
 9 Dealing with difficult issues with team members assertively, in a timely way and within legal guidelines      
 10 Developing your team so they learn, grow and play to their strengths      
 11 Managing Meetings efficiently and effectively      
 12 Solving problems creatively and in a timely way      
 13 Managing your manager by communicating assertively, collaborating effectively to achieve goals etc. (i.e. managing upwards)      
 14 Effectively managing the ‘employee life cycle’ from recruitment to exit or promotion stages      
 15 Being open to feedback and ideas from your team members      
 16 Effectively addressing HR issues like poor performance using HR activities/processes      
 17 Understanding of upcoming changes in UK Employment Law and Pensions Auto-Enrolment and how the legal changes may affect employees      
 18 Analysing your teams members’ skills profiles, conduct training needs analysis and identify training needs for you team.      
 19 Making, and committing to, tough decisions and then adopting a common sense practical approach to delivering those decisions      
 20 Accepting responsibility for mistakes or for making incorrect decisions      
  Total for each column      
  Average for each column (divide the total for each column by 20 to get your average score out of 10)       PEP %


Multiply the knowledge average score by the ability average score and multiply that total by the frequency average score. 10 x 10 x 10 = score out of 1000 – Divide this score by 10 to get your PEP %

  • Is your Manager PEP at the right level for your company or organisation to thrive?
  • Is your Manager PEP at the right level for you to have the career you really want?
  • Is your Manager PEP at the right level for you to manage your team effectively to increase productivity and your team’s engagement?

Complete this Manager PEP Assessment every three months to make sure you’re staying on top of your management and career game.

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