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In her regular series for Cambridge Network members - now in its 15th year - software training expert Karen Roem offers handy tips to help you 'Tame your computer'. This week she explains how to copy and summarise all meeting request responses (Microsoft Outlook).

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When you invite people to an Outlook meeting you can use the Tracking button to view the various responses.

But did you know you can easily copy and paste the text elsewhere? This way you can quickly print a list of the meeting attendees -  if necessary - or summarise how many people Accepted, Declined, clicked Tentative or didn’t respond at all.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the meeting request, as normal.
  2. On the Meeting tab, click on the Tracking button’s drop-down arrow and select Copy Status to Clipboard. (In Microsoft 365 I have a separate Tracking tab.)

You can now paste the information in, say, Word. But why not take it a step further and summarize it in Excel, using a PivotTable?

  1. Open Excel and press CTRL + V.
  2. Press CTRL + T.
  3. Make sure the My table has headers box is ticked and press ENTER.
  4. Click on the Summarize with PivotTable button on the Table Tools Design tab.
  5. Press ENTER to put the summary on a New Worksheet or click on the Existing Worksheet radio button and click on a cell in the current sheet where you want the report to be placed.
  6. In the PivotTable Field List on the right hand side, click on Response, followed by Name and drag Name to the Values box.

Experiment with the layout and design and you’ll see how easy it is!


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10 August 2020


Karen Roem offers software training and support through her company Roem Ltd.  Contact her by email (Karen@roem.co.uk) or visit her website at  www.roem.co.uk


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