Tier 2 Consulting creates ground-breaking legal web application


Tier 2 has been working alongside legal experts Evident Legal to create a new web application named Simplifythelaw.

Tier 2 Consulting, Hertfordshire’s leading web development specialist, has been working with London-based legal experts, Evident Legal, to create and develop a bespoke, industry-first web application set to launch this month.

SimplifytheLaw is a brand new, unique service provided by Evident Legal, that offers SMEs free guidance on legal issues, as well as the ability to draft legal documents online themselves and then transfer them to a recommended, local lawyer if required.

Tier 2 Consulting has developed the SimplifytheLaw software by combining an Enterprise Content Management system (Alfresco) with the Exari Document Assembly solution, using advanced java and web development skills. The resulting solution has created an easy to use, integrated web-based software system which allows detailed legal documents to be completed online, easily and effectively for the first time.

As well as the free guidance and legal documents available, if required, the SimplifytheLaw service  recommends lawyers based specifically on their area of expertise and location so the most relevant lawyer can be identified easily.

Jon Brewer, Founder and CEO at Evident, comments: “When we were starting out with the idea of SimplifytheLaw we had a clear end-game in mind.  The team at Tier 2 understood our commercial goals immediately and were able to help us turn our vision into reality. With SimplifytheLaw we are aiming to breakdown the perception that dealing with legal issues and lawyers is a complicated and expensive process. We wanted to create a service that makes the legal process fast and simple, instead of slow and complicated.

“Tier 2 has developed a bespoke platform that has enabled us to offer a one-of-a-kind solution to businesses across the UK. We needed to be in continual contact with the Tier 2 development team throughout the project as our ideas and requirements evolved.  The team’s previous experience – not just in the technology platform, but also with agile development methods - and first class service has added an untold value to the whole project.”

Andy Kennedy, Managing Director at Tier 2 Consulting, adds: “By working closely with Evident to understand their business objectives, our team was quickly able to distill these into a clear set of requirements, and then define a supporting technical architecture.  As this is the first time that guidance, creating documents online and access to local, specialised lawyers have been made available together, for free in one place, we recognised that a considerable amount of bespoke development would be required, on top of the industry-leading Alfresco and Exari platforms.

“Key to the successful delivery was real, effective and on-going collaboration between Evident and Tier 2.  Agile methods only deliver successful solutions if all stakeholders embrace the principles of team work and the potential for requirements to evolve as the development progresses. Right from the earliest discussions, Evident shared our vision for how such projects should be planned and managed.”

To find out more visit http://www.simplifythelaw.co.uk/



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