UK Internet Usage Statistics 2022

The UK's most online-obsessed areas revealed

UK Broadband Usage Analysis

A recent study by BroadbandUK published on their Broadband Providers website has revealed that homes located in Southall, West London have the highest broadband usage per household at an average of 589 gigabytes per month. With an estimated 63 million internet users in the UK, BroadbandUK have dug into the data to gain a greater understanding of internet usage in homes across the United Kingdom.

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According to the Ofcom Connected Nations Data Report, the average broadband usage per UK household was 456 GB/month in May 2022. That's the equivalent of 65 hours of UltraHD streaming on Netflix, or streaming more than 63 thousand 3 minute songs on Spotify.

The region with the highest average consumption is Greater London, with 506 GB/month; 11% above the national average. In second place, households in the North West use on average 478 GB/month. With 3.18 million connections in the region, total annual usage comes to a staggering 18.6 billion gigabytes.

BroadbandUK has a popular UK based Broadband Speed Test site and their UK address accurate broadband comparison site Broadband Providers.

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