Will implanted technology become the next stage of human evolution?

Dr Joe Taylor is an expert in the interface between carbon and silicone. Not only is he a world leader in the study of using implanted technology to treat medical conditions, but he has also started investigating the use of implanted technology to enhance our natural abilities. 

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Marshall Centre writes:

We came across Dr Joe Taylor on LinkedIn when we saw a video of him paying for his coffee using the back of his hand and we were thrilled that he agreed to lead a HiveMind for us about implanted technology.

Also referred to as "Transhumanism" a moment that is discussed in Mark O’Connell’s award-winning book To Be a Machine and it concerns the use of implanted technology to eradicate ageing, cure diseases and enhance our abilities. Could merging with machines mean that we can live forever and would you want to?

We hope you will join us on Friday 15th October from 12:00 - 13:00 to learn more about this fascinating subject and discuss the ethics of enhancing ourselves with technology. 

Contact us to request a joining link.  

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