Wonde - Join the 4 day working week

The team are changing the way they work at Wonde. From March 2022, they are introducing a 4 day work week for their whole team to enjoy a better balance of life and work. 

Wonde writes 

This new initiative follows the positive results we’ve seen in our approach to hybrid working, ensuring our team still enjoys the benefits of working in a collaborative environment while maintaining a good work-life balance. 

What Wonde’s 4 day work week looks like:

* Our traditional 5 day work week will be reduced to 4.
* From a standard 40 hours, all full-time employees will now work 32 hours.
* All employees will retain the same pay and benefits.
* Individuals who work part-time, term time and 11-month contracts will also benefit from the changes introduced.

This is an exciting time for Wonde and all those who work here, and we can’t wait to get started on the next chapter.

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