Working in the construction industry

The Construction industry is one of the largest in the UK economy.

hard hats on a construction site with cranes in the background

Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Statistics from the House of Commons Library tell us that back in 2018 the industry contributed £117 billion to the UK economy. It is made up of a variation of sectors and employs 3.1 million people over 9% of the workforce. Construction is crucial to our economy and helps invest in our futures e.g. building schools, hospitals and houses and future businesses.

The Construction industry plays an important role in everyday life and the skilled professionals who work in the industry help achieve world challenges and projects such as:

  • Meeting society needs
  • Putting the UK at the forefront of the data and artificial intelligence revolution 
  • Maximising advantages from global shift to clean growth
  • Becoming world leaders in the future
  • New jobs

The industry is forever recruiting with the need to retain workforce with a wide range of skills. It offers high-quality training and apprenticeships and even the opportunity for university studies. Currently the UK Construction's workforce is made up of ages between 18 and over 50. 32% aged over 50, 58% aged between 25 and 49 and only 10% are under the age of 25.

Research from the Office for National Statistics tells us that the average weekly earnings in this industry in the UK recovered from a fall in 2016, increased to £635.66 per week in December 2018 which is second to the finance and business service sector. The industry continues to see the strongest performance in the EU! 

Today, the Construction industry is more highly skilled, productive and ready for the global infrastructure market meaning that it has lots of benefits for every community:

  • Safer and smarter buildings
  • Clean air and lower emissions
  • Affordable housing
  • Better built homes and cheaper to run

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