First briefing on climate change reports published

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), together with Cambridge Judge Business School and the support of the European Climate Foundation, has launched the first in what should be a prominent series of business briefings on the new IPCC report on climate change.

Titled Climate Change: Action, Trends and Implications for Business – The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report – summarises the physical science basis of climate change and its projected impacts. It describes the key findings of the first IPCC report and presents in an easy readable document with graphics and future scenarios.

Dr David Reiner, Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School and assistant director of the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), chairs the advisory board to the reports. He believes that these briefings will help the business community to have a clearer idea about how climate change will impact their sector.

Further IPCC climate change reports will be published in 2014 that describe more detailed sectoral impacts and mitigation options and a business briefing will be released for each new report.

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