Tide comes in for Daniel

Former UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox turned to MFin student Daniel Yates when he needed to get his head round complex financial matters for his new book, Rising Tides.

Fox has recognised Daniel’s expertise in the acknowledgements for the book, described by publisher Heron Books as “questioning what decision-makers fear as the threats to world stability and peace”. An MP since 1992, Fox has held various ‘shadow’ posts and was Defence Secretary from 2010-2011.

Fox draws on his own experience to examine world events, past and present. In conversation with figures like Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Malcolm Rifkind and Donald Rumsfeld, he explores recent global triumphs and disasters and the challenge of the new global reality.

Before coming to CJBS, Daniel spent five years working as a trader in the City of London for Portigon Financial Services. He says:

Liam approached me for help with this exciting opportunity when I was the Head of Policy at thinktank City Future – one of the largest young professional networking groups in the Square Mile. Given my background in debt trading, I helped to write the sections of the book on debt. This was a fascinating topic and I explored how high debt levels have led to a strategic security issue for nations throughout history.”

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