Cambridge Master of Finance celebrates five years

Cambridge Judge Business School is celebrating five years of the Cambridge Master of Finance programme by launching eight new scholarships for students unable to consider a business school for financial reasons.

Potential students who are in financial need, and can demonstrate that they plan to use their education to make a positive impact on society, will be eligible to apply for the new Chairman’s Scholarships, funded by Cambridge Judge Advisory Board Chairman, and former Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs International, Glenn Earle.

Mr Earle will launch the scholarships at a reception in London today (7 November) when students of the Cambridge MFin past and present, along with faculty and friends, meet at the Oxford and Cambridge Club to celebrate the programme’s fifth anniversary.

Mr Earle said: "I am delighted to fund these scholarships, which will allow eight outstanding students to attend one of the finest business schools in the world.

"Finance is critical to societal prosperity and I believe that those involved in finance have a responsibility to the societies in which they work and live. For that reason, one of the key criteria for these scholarships will be a demonstrated commitment on the part of the holder to make a positive contribution to society. They might want to work in the public or philanthropic sectors, in the private sector in initiatives which have a clear benefit to the community, or they may have a demonstrated commitment to philanthropy or to social endeavours. It is individuals with these kinds of ambitions who we want to encourage and reward with the chance to become a Cambridge Master of Finance.”

The successful students will study at CJBS through places at Emmanuel College and Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

The Master of Finance programme has attracted 217 students from 59 countries in its first five years. Its launch coincided with the financial storm that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 and the Cambridge MFin has aimed, from the start, to produce students equipped to play an influential role in the finance of the future.

The programme’s Director, Dr Simon Taylor, is clear about this ambition: "The symbolism of the Cambridge MFin opening its doors just as Lehman collapsed could not be more striking. Our first five years have taken place against a background of unprecedented turmoil in the world economy that has shaken almost every financial model, institution and practitioner to their foundations. Our students could not have had a better time to learn what went so catastrophically wrong and to observe the consequences for real people in the real world.

"It also made our mission very clear from the beginning: to produce finance leaders of the future equipped to lead institutions and investors wisely – and fully prepared to handle any future recession.”

Its small class size, high calibre post-experience students, position at the heart of Cambridge and proximity to one of the world’s great finance centres in London have all helped to make the course a unique offering. Cambridge MFin alumni can now be found working in 35 different countries around the world.

Designed in consultation with the banking and finance industry, the Cambridge MFin offers:

  • Core courses, providing a rigorous grounding in the foundations of finance
  • A range of electives covering the main areas of applied finance
  • Projects, enabling the integration of theory and practice
  • A choice of summer activities
  • A weekly City Speaker Series seminar

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