European auto manufacturer adds another Ubisense Smart Factory System installation

Ubisense Group plc (AIM:UBI), a market leader in real time location intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce that a large European automotive manufacturer has deployed the Ubisense Smart Factory System to another of its production lines.

The order, valued at approximately €0.7m, is part of a global framework agreement with the manufacturer that covers more than 100 sites and this represents the fourth installation since production acceptance was granted in July this year.

The Smart Factory System brings many benefits to automotive manufacturers including providing visibility and control across the assembly and finishing areas. This enables manufacturers to reduce costs by eliminating non-value added search processes and by reducing work in progress, resulting in significantly reduced vehicle production times.

Richard Green, Ubisense Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is the fourth win in almost as many months with the same leading European automotive manufacturer and it highlights that adoption of our Smart Factory System across further production facilities can be achieved rapidly given the technology has already been integrated into the manufacturer’s Manufacturing Execution System. Our Smart Factory System offering is experiencing solid sales momentum as an increasing amount of manufacturers recognise the compelling business case for utilitising real time location intelligence to provide visibility and control to their complex production processes.”


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