Ubisense selected to provide location intelligence systems to US government agencies

Ubisense has been selected by Savi Technology in an RFID-IV contract win to provide real-time indoor location systems to federal agencies to enhance global asset planning and logistics tracking.

Ubisense has been selected to provide its real-time location intelligence systems to US government agencies by Savi Technology which was awarded a multi-million dollar, five-year contract by the US Army Contracting Command.

Savi and Ubisense will provide indoor/outdoor location intelligence systemsthatenhance global asset planning and logistics tracking to the US Department of Defense (DoD), US Coast Guard (USCG), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), coalition partners and other US government agencies.

Ubisense’s indoor location intelligence systems report the precise location of tagged items in real-time (indoor GPS), and also provide real-time alerts, process monitoring and reporting. This ability to gain complete visibility inside facilities enablesorganizations to radically optimize operations logistics, manufacturing and MRO operations, consistently resulting in higher quality, faster delivery and improved reliability.  

“We have put together a world-class team to serve the needs of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies,” said Bill Clark, president and chief executive officer at Savi.  “Combining Ubisense’s expertise in real-time location systems with Savi’s leadership status as the premier provider of military RFID systems provides the US military and our allies with unmatched global asset planning and tracking capabilities.”

The demand for Ubisense’s location intelligence systems is rapidly growing globally in commercial sectors, based on results achieved by existing clients, such as Amtrak, BMW, PACCAR, Caterpillar and Cummins, to name a few. Ubisense has also worked with the US Army to develop indoor training systems to better prepare soldiers for urban terrain combat, and welcomed the opportunity to expand its footprint in the federal government arena.

“This contract signals a valuable opportunity for government agencies to significantly improve a variety of asset planning and logistics-related functions, and we are grateful to be part of this Product Director Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PD AMIS) mission,” said Richard Green, CEO, Ubisense. “We look forward to working with Savi Technology, a trusted and proven vendor within the 


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