Big Bike Ride bigger than ever and now on your mobile

This year’s Big Bike Ride route has been finalised and is available to download to your smartphone via Cambridge-based ViewRanger, the free GPS navigation and mapping app.

Simply download the ViewRanger app and the Big Bike Ride 2014 route and then view it on a free map. The ViewRanger app will help you to actively navigate the route and will let you know if you go off-course, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the great Big Bike Ride route.  

For those taking part in the event, which starts at Cambridgeshire FA Headquarters, Impington, at 10am this Sunday, 29th June, you can mount your phone on your handlebars and see exactly where you are at all times, and find all the information about the different, exciting activities set up in three locations along the way: the pop-up velodrome, wooden pump track, and airbag.

Spectators can also download the route and use it to identify the best place to spectate and support friends and family. If participants use ViewRanger’s location sharing service, Buddy Beacon, friends and family can see where they are on the route and how they are progressing, either online or on their own phone.

The ViewRanger app also has an in-built sports computer which allows users to track their route as they cycle and at the end of the day see relevant statistics such as average speed, distance travelled etc. 

To view the Big Bike Ride 2014 route online go to and visit: 

Alternatively you can view the Big Bike Ride route on your phone via the ViewRanger app. Just go to the store section in-app and search for “Big Bike Ride 2014”.

This year’s Big Bike Ride is raising money for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, which is building a new hospice on the outskirts of Cambridge, and Press Relief, a local community fund that awards money to a range of groups and individuals in the Cambridgeshire area.

Registration details as well as further information about the Big Bike Ride are available at: 


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