The new wireless tech space race?

The forthcoming CW Technology & Engineering Conference explores the battle for spectrum and connectivity.


On 24th March 2015, the London CW inaugural Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) will bring together engineers, financial analysts and executives from the wireless industry to discuss the future of the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure, spanning mobile, satellite, TV, IoT and wearable technology along with its impact on the value of licensed and unlicensed spectrum from VHF to KA band and beyond.

“The race to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity is on,” says Graham Peters, MD of Avanti Applied Technologies and conference speaker. "With major players such as Facebook and Google having realised that they must look to the skies - to satellites and drones - to deliver internet to the world's most digitally deprived, the focus on unfettered and secure connectivity has never been more timely. The CW conference positions itself at the very centre of this fascinating debate, offering an interdisciplinary and comprehensive analysis of the wireless technology and engineering sector currently driven innovation and reward.”

Sponsored by PwC and hosted at its  London riverside offices, this intensive one day event will feature world-class speakers from PwC, InterDigital Europe, Avanti, EE, Keysight Technologies, BSkyB, Radio Design, Anritsu, Qualcomm, IRT, BBC Research and Development, Interlligent UK, u-blox AG, CSR and Samsung, addressing topics such as: Terrestrial and satellite integration – a key part of the 4G to 5G transition?; WiFi and low earth orbit satellites; a microwave delivery revolution?; terrestrial broadcasting and mobile broadband - the UHF story and beyond; machine to machine and wearable connectivity. CW TEC organisers expect to see around 200 professionals from the wireless industry attending. For more information about the conference and to book a place, please click here.

In addition to the main sponsors, PwC, the inaugural CW TEC event is sponsored by InterDigital Europe Ltd, Microlease and Keysight Technologies, Anritsu and Interlligent.


For further information about the event, please contact Lisa Ellis on, or call +44 (0)1223 967103   


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