OE Cam publishes research into autonomous teams


OE Cam is pleased to announce the publication of its international research into Autonomous Teams (ATs), conducted in association with its European network of consultant partners. The research investigated the role of Autonomous Teams in today’s organisations – how important they are to success and what the challenges are to making greater autonomy work.


OE Cam writes:

Autonomy may not be a new topic for organisation, however our research suggests that it is certainly back on the strategic agenda and something that many managers are struggling with.

We conducted an online survey of 165 CEOs, HR Directors and senior Managers and interviewed executives from 37 organisations across Europe.  The final report presents statistics about the current state of Autonomous Teams along with real case studies and insights into:

  • A reality check – the up-to-date story behind ATs in European organisations – do they matter and why?  70% of managers say that they have increased the level of ATs within their organisation over the last two years with more than 63% of businesses reporting that ‘engaging and motivating employees’ is the top reason for implementing ATs, followed by cross-functional collaboration (48%) and developing closer customer relations (41%).
  • Success and failure of Autonomous Teams – an analysis of the factors that create a successful AT and the reasons they fail. Our research reveals the four key areas for success that managers should focus on: the importance of relationships the autonomous team has within the organisation, the organisational environment within which the AT operates, the challenge of managers in balancing control versus freedom of the AT and how autonomous teams can mature into thinking like a manager and act with a ‘collective brain’.
  • Recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of Autonomous Teams. 

A short video with additional report highlights can be viewed here.

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