Travel for Cambridgeshire helps Sepura promote car sharing to work


Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC) member employer Sepura, a leading global provider of critical communications solutions, is currently based in Cambridge, but in December is relocating to Cambridge Research Park along the A10 to Ely. TfC has been helping their staff look at new commuting options....


Sepura is currently based by the river Cam in Chesterton.  Having been based at the current site for over 13 years, Sepura has built up a strong cycling culture within the organisation and due to the relatively central location of its office, many staff also walk or take the bus to work – so commuting options have always been aplenty.    

Sepura is extremely busy planning ahead of the move and TfC is helping with regards to how staff will commute to the new office.    Due to the relatively isolated location of the Research Park, many staff who walked and cycled are going to need to find a different way of getting to work, which will inevitably throw up a few challenges for Sepura and its employees alike. 

To assist in planning for this, TfC have mapped the home locations of Sepura employees and overlaid these locations onto large scale maps so employees can see where they live in relation to their colleagues with a view to forming car sharing matches.  Sepura is focussing its efforts on promoting CamShare, the free car sharing website matching service.  In June TfC and Sepura ran a lunchtime event for employees to see the maps, learn about car sharing and talk to potential car sharing colleagues. 

Clare Brown, EHS & Facilities Manager, said: “We recognised very early on in our relocation project that many of our employees would have to change the way they travel to work, a fact confirmed by the latest TfC annual travel survey.  We have developed a travel plan for our new offices at the Cambridge Research Park which identifies car-sharing as an excellent option for many of our employees.  Car sharing offers a viable solution to those who do not have cars, as well as offering the opportunity to save money to those who already drive to work. The event was well attended with the postcode maps providing an immediate talking point.  The message from our employees was that Camshare seems to be a great way of finding a sharer and indeed many of the attendees have since registered.  We plan, with TfC, to run another event in November ahead of our move in late December 2015”.

Travel for Cambridgeshire can assist other organisations that are relocating or that want to reduce traffic to their site.  Car sharing is one of many different transport modes TfC promote, along with cycling, walking and public transport.  Membership of TfC is free and employers in certain localities can currently take advantage of grant funding for the installation of cycle stands or for pool bikes, for example.

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