Talk on the 'Chisholm Trail' by pioneer Jim Chisholm

Travel for Cambridgeshire's sister project, Travel Plan Plus, has organised a talk on the 'Chisolm Trail' - register your place by Friday 12 noon!


The Chisholm Trail, is a quality cycling and walking route connecting Addenbrooke’s in the south to the science and business parks in the north via Cambridge railway station as part of the City Deal project. The proposed route will provide a direct cycling and walking connection between numerous employment, retail and residential areas, and two major transport hubs upon completion of the new station adjacent to the business park.

Well, come along and find out from the pioneer Jim Chisolm who will be giving a 30 minute talk to businesses in the TP+ area on Monday 13th July just before documents become public. Prior to the public consultation, the Chisolm Trail will go to the City Deal Assembly on Wednesday 15th July and the City Deal Board in August.

Jim plans to give a bit of history, describe the route, with possibilities and problems, show how it would enable many more people to be within a pleasant cycling distance of work, and give better leisure access to our wonderful open space. Jim plans to do a little bit of transport economics to show how this is good, even for those who continue to drive. Jim will also describe the process to approval and how people can help to ensure it actually happens in the next three years. The talk will be followed by a 20 minute question and answer session.

The talk will be held on Monday 13th July at Unit 23 Cambridge Science Park Innovation Centre, Milton Road from 12:30 to 1:30pm. If you are interested in coming along, please email by Friday 10th July no later than 12 noon for the purpose of numbers and space available to accommodate all on the day.


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