Strem Chemicals expands range of bubblers


Strem Chemicals UK continues to expand its selection of electro polished stainless steel bubblers to meet metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) needs.

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Strem Chemicals writes:

The field has grown significantly from the early days of the mid - late 1980s where precursors had to be synthesised in-house to then be decomposed by gentle (more or less gentle) thermal treatment.  Rapid developments associated with CVD derived materials can be associated with the ever increasing number of volatile organometallic and inorganic materials that are now commercially available.

Ranging from high purity silicon-containing reagents to volatile rare-earth precursors, an extensive list of compounds are available for use from Strem who have been involved in this field for quite some time.

Strem has available simple containers called bubblers enabling facile delivery of the reagents. Reagents can also be purchased in simple Swagelok-fitted stainless steel cylinders. These easily connected units made of stainless steel, which come pre-charged with your favourite material and represent a plug-and-play approach to the once tedious synthetic task of actually making and handling such volatile materials  We have now introduced a 150mL bubbler equipped with replaceable seat spring less diaphragm valves. 

These valves, manufactured by Swagelok®, were specifically designed due to the increasingly demanding purity needs of the semiconductor chemical canister market.  The design offers enhanced cleanliness and purge-ability often required to process advanced chemistries in thin film deposition applications.  Whereas typical replaceable seat valves require a long contact area between the seat and the body which can result in reduced or restricted flow and inefficient purging, this design features a tight fitting seat with minimal entrapment areas along with a short height to limit chemical and thermal expansion. These valves are designed with a special detent handle that prevents inadvertent handle rotation when fully open or closed along with a visual window to confirm the open and closed positions. In addition, the handles can also be locked in the closed position for safety purposes.         

For customers choosing to purchase this bubbler, in addition to our standard filling, refilling and cleaning services, we will also replace the seats on these valves as each bubbler is returned with a special installation tool to ensure that the valve seats are installed properly.


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