E-Type Jaguar restoration project uses 3D printing


Prototype Projects helped rescue an E-Type Jaguar restoration project using a bit of CAD and some 3D printing ingenuity...

Classic car enthusiast Michael Mallinson is restoring an E-Type Jaguar to bring it back to its former glory. When Michael hit a dead end trying to source an authentic replacement wing mirror, he decided to use an XJS wing mirror instead.

However, this was only a part solution, as the XJS wing mirror connector was incompatible with the E-Type.

Michael concluded he would not be able to source a suitable connector and so took a different approach into unknown territory in a bid to resolve his problem.

Without the expertise or technical know-how to create STL files for the part, Michael contacted Prototype Projects to see if they could help. Prototype Projects successfully modelled a connector using SolidWorks and 3D printed the part using SLS. As part of the finishing process, the connector was then dyed and painted.

The XJS wing mirror is now in situ on the E-Type, thanks to the compatible connector part in place.

Michael thanked Prototype Projects for "the friendly way you treated me when I presented you with my request for such a small, but important, part.

"You produced exactly what I needed with both accuracy and efficiency. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience".



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