Allia partners with Cofinitive for Serious Impact

Allia has chosen Cambridge communications consultancy, Cofinitive, to deliver the social media workshops as part of their Serious Impact programme.

Allia has chosen Cambridge communications consultancy, Cofinitive, to deliver the social media workshops as part of their Serious Impact programme.

Allia offers enterprise support through their Serious Impact programme, which aims to help innovators go from ideation to incubation and growth, accelerating their success and amplifying their impact in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A core component of this is how these young businesses represent themselves online.

Knowing Cofinitive’s track record of working with corporations as well as helping communities with their online communication, Allia knew Cofinitive could make a difference in their Serious Impact programme too.

Emma Mee, Accelerator Programme Manager at Allia says, “Engaging with audiences online, building strong communities around brands and reaching new target markets is crucial to getting early businesses off the ground. We needed a partner with all the industry experience and the latest understanding of social media trends to help our entrepreneurs get started. Through delivering on our Serious Impact programme, Cofinitive have provided participants with the understanding and the confidence to engage with these tools, along with a few quick tips and tricks to make an impact without cost – something every start-up needs!”

Nicky Shepard, Account Manager at Cofinitive adds, “Working with Allia and their Serious Impact start-ups is a great opportunity for us to help others who share similar values where it concerns social responsibility. We’re pleased Allia picked us to help with the Serious Impact programme.”

The Serious Impact start-ups cover a wide range of sectors including Cleantech, AgriTech, Health, Education and Social Ventures; but regardless of their industry, the start-ups share a desire to make a positive impact with their venture. Combining the communications team’s enthusiasm for giving back to the community and their industry-agnostic way of working, Cofinitive is an ideal match to help the start-ups find their online voice.

Faye Holland, Cofinitive’s founder, explains, “This is a great extension to the work we already undertake to support the ‘Pay It Forward’ movement for community and social engagement, as well as providing greater visibility of future #OnetoWatch activities. As a business we’re grounded in all aspects of corporate communications, but our agility means we can help organisations of all sizes and we’re excited to see new cohorts of initiatives come through the Serious Impact programme”.

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