Arthur Rank Hospice’s Sky’s the Limit Jump Day on Sunday 15 July

A Q&A with the CEO at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, Lynn Morgan and Amélie Boudjeriou a teacher from the Alliance Française Cambridge , about their thoughts and feelings before their upcoming sky-high challenge.

  • How did you first come into contact with Arthur Rank Hospice Charity?

Lynn: “My father was a patient in the old Arthur Rank Hospice in Mill Road about 10 years ago. I was really impressed with the way the hospice worked, how caring it was and how professional all the staff were. I was working in the public sector and thought it would be great to work at the Hospice, a couple of years later I saw the CEO post advertised and felt I had to apply for it. I was thrilled to get the job and have enjoyed every minute of working for such a great cause.”

Amélie: “After raising money for Macmillan last year through their Brave the Shave challenge, we wanted to help and support another charity. We know Arthur Rank Hospice as it is a Cambridgeshire charity and there is a charity shop on Mill Road - not so far from us.”

  • Why did you choose to skydive?

Lynn: “I have done the Sahara Challenge in the past and really enjoyed it. I felt I wanted to do something else but haven’t got a lot of time for training, so I wanted something which I could achieve in quite a short period of time. Many of my colleagues run half marathons or marathons, anyone who has met me will know my body wasn’t made for running so I thought the skydive would be a good option.”

Amélie: “We wanted to take up a challenge even bigger than the one from last year, something that would encourage people to support us and help raise money for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. We wanted to prove that we could conquer our fear, in order to help our community. And what better way than jumping out of a plane?”

  • What are your expectations from the dive?

Lynn: “I think that when I actually get in the plane I will be terrified, but I know I have to overcome that and go with it. People have said it is an amazing experience, so I hope that is the case.”

Amélie: “Be so excited that we would think ‘Let's do it again!’ "

  • Have you ever done anything like this before?

Lynn: “No so it will be a completely different experience.”

Amélie: “Never! It will be the first time for both me and my colleague & Director of the Alliance Francaise Cambridge, Patricia Dalby!”

  • How will you mentally prepare yourself beforehand?

Lynn: “Positive thinking, visualising myself doing it (but then blotting out the bit where I see myself breaking my ankle!)”

Amélie: “Probably not thinking about the fact that we will be jumping from over 13,000 feet at 120mph too much! And by keeping in mind that we are doing this to help people in Cambridgeshire who are living with a life-limiting illness.”

  • Are you nervous about the dive? If so, what is it that scares you?

Lynn: “I am trying not to think too much about it, I don’t think there is any point in worrying until the day. I suppose there is always the thought that perhaps the parachute won’t open but I don’t think that is terribly likely. I keep saying ‘how hard can it be?”

Amélie: “We are! What scares us is the moment when they will open the door of the plane. This time, we won't be enjoying the view comfortably seated and buckled to a chair!”

  • How scared are you out of 10?

Lynn: “Right now about 1 out of 10, probably once I am in the plane or even getting onto the plane it will be off the scale, they may have to peel me off the walls of the plane and push me out.”

Amélie: “A strong 10 would be an honest answer to that question!”

  • What will you do to celebrate afterwards?

Lynn: “Well my mother and husband don’t even want to know when I am doing it, they say just to tell them when it is over, but a friend is coming with me, so I hope perhaps we can go out for lunch afterwards”

Amélie: “We will go back to the Big Weekend on Parker's Piece and celebrate with people and the rest of our team there!

  • What will you be thinking about as you freefall?

Lynn: “Probably not to scream but also trying to savour the moment.”

Amélie: “That there is no limit to what we will do to help and support those in need.”

If you’d like to show your support for our brave #TeamArthur skydivers ahead of their Sky’s the Limit Skydive next Sunday please visit their online fundraising pages, where you can also leave a message of support:

We’ll catch up with them again after 15 July, but in the meantime, if you’ve been inspired to think about doing your own skydive, visit or call Carolyn on 01223 675890

If high velocity free-fall isn’t quite your thing, you can discover more about trekking, running, swimming and obstacle course challenges at

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