KMD Private Wealth Management

We provide a different kind of Wealth Management
One where the focus is on you, not how much money you have to invest. We take the time to get to know you and understand what is really important. Your ambitions, challenges and needs take centre stage so we can help you attain financial clarity for life. What we do is personal, in depth and long-term.


Creating financial clarity comes from understanding what is important to you and identifying your ambitions, challenges and needs.

You are supported by a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced senior adviser. As your trusted collaborative partner, they work with you and your family over the long-term.


Having obtained a full status overview of your financial affairs, we take a team approach to the development of financial solutions. In practice this means your senior adviser calls on the expertise of our highly qualified specialists.

Together they hold dedicated internal meetings to discuss and formulate your personal financial strategy before it is presented to you.

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Management of Key Relationships

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True Wealth Management

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Financial Advice

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Investment Advice

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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