Senior Economist joins KMD

KMD Private Wealth Management has appointed Keith Wade as Adviser to its Investment Committee.

Kevin and Keith

As the former Chief Economist with global investment manager Schroders plc, Keith’s 30 years of industry experience will add another layer to KMD’s deep wealth management expertise.

Managing Director Kevin Deamer (left) is delighted that Keith will be playing a central role on the Committee: "Keith’s reputation and experience is impeccable so his decision to come onboard endorses our belief that what we offer is a bit different to other wealth management firms.

"He will oversee the ongoing review of both the investment models and performance of the carefully selected managers who make up our approved panel.

"Additionally, as we see financial education as a critical part of what we do for clients, Keith will bring insight into the impact of global economic events. He will also be sharing his perspective on market behaviours and trends through the economic cycle.

"As a seasoned commentator and presenter, we know his views are going to be of great interest to an even wider audience, so some Professionals events are also in the pipeline."

After decades of focusing on the bigger picture, Keith is particularly interested in gaining a greater understanding of individual client experiences and the way in which the management of their financial assets reflects their aims and objectives in life.

Keith said: "The level of exploration and planning KMD undertakes for each client is impressive, giving me an insight into what ‘true’ wealth management looks like."

KMD Cambridge is located at 22 Hills Road and the firm also has offices in Stansted and London.

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