Sookio is a digital agency based in Cambridge, UK. We help our clients communicate with confidence through quality content for the web and social media.

Telephone: 01223 300 542
Address: 86 St Barnabas Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 2BY
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Founded in 2008 and based in central Cambridge, we work with clients around the UK and overseas including GOV.UK, the University of Cambridge, Toshiba Europe, Lürzer's Archive and Drinkaware.

Our core services are website copywriting, content strategy, and ongoing content such as blogs, features and newsletters. We are also specialists in social media management, training and strategy.

Quality content is at the heart of everything we do. If we're not creating it, we're offering training and advising on strategy to help boost your digital presence from within. It’s about delivering the very best work we can and helping our clients reach new heights.

As proponents of best practice in content for the web and social media, we enjoy sharing our expertise and keep up with industry trends to keep your content fresh and exciting.

We like to call this confident communications – setting goals which are realistic and measurable, and helping you deliver your message with clarity through expert strategy, original content and bespoke training.


Digital Marketing for Events with Sookio School

Digital Marketing for Events with Sookio School

Get the tips and tricks events organisers miss!
Anyone who runs events! Events managers, events planners, events organisers, promoters, fundraisers... this one's for you.

Blogging for Business with Sookio School

Blogging for Business with Sookio School

Blogging is ideal for showing your industry expertise, helping new customers find you on the web and an excellent way to extend your business' reach.

pink lemon slice among yellow lemon slices

Stand out from the crowd: the best ways to use Twitter to reach your customers

Twitter can be an important business tool, but are you using it to the best of your ability? Never fear, Sookio has some tips to help.

21 March 2019Read in full

light bulb

Five ways to use customer-focused marketing in your content strategy

Are you struggling to sell to your audience? Let’s set the scene. You tell people about your product - what it is - specs, features, cost, how to order. Covered all the bases there? But you’ve forgotten the customer!

14 March 2019Read in full

Barney Brown and Sue Keogh

Watch: Inside the University of Cambridge's digital comms

Cambridge University’s titan of communications, Barney Brown, joins Sookio in its latest Facebook Live to discuss how far the University’s digital presence has come, why we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace new things and the importance of letting people speak authentically online.

28 February 2019Read in full

Sue Keogh

Sookio Director joins board at Cambridge 105 Radio

Sookio's Founder and Director, Sue Keogh, has been appointed to the board of Cambridge 105 Radio.

21 February 2019Read in full


Animate your fate: how to increase the success of your strategy with animation

It’s mayhem out there! How can you be seen or heard when we’ve got content, good and bad, assaulting us from every glowing rectangle in the world? Sookio's Animation Director, Alex Mallinson, explores the ways in which brands are earning adulation for their animation.

14 February 2019Read in full

Sookio's Founder and Director, Sue Keogh

Thrive on change (or 10 lessons in running a digital agency)

Sookio's Founder and Director, Sue Keogh, is talking this month at Digital People in Peterborough and CamCreatives about what she’s learned in her ten years of running a digital marketing agency. What wisdom does she have to share?

11 February 2019Read in full

books and more books

Whitepapers, eBooks and guides: how to make long-form content that works

Whitepapers, eBooks, and downloadable guides are critical elements of your marketing toolkit. Find out how to make these weighty pieces of content win leads, sales, and all-round top results for your business.

31 January 2019Read in full

hand holding a smartphone with stories feature

Sookio Labs: Using stories on social media

So many social media platforms now use a stories feature. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn now all have stories. But how do they compare?

25 January 2019Read in full

Sookio's top digital marketing tools

Sookio's top digital marketing tools to help you win 2019

As a digital marketer you’re short on time and you’ve grown weary of trying new apps to get the job done. Look no further! The Sookio team has packaged up a list of the best free and affordable options for your digital marketing toolkit - the ones they use themselves.

22 January 2019Read in full

The life of a young digital marketer

The life of a young digital marketer

What’s life like for a young person in the digital marketing industry? Sookio's Digital Marketing Assistant, Frankie, looks into the day-to-day jobs and skills required to be a success.

21 January 2019Read in full

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