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Changing the face of mental health at work. We partner with businesses that are serious about cutting through the BS and obliterating the stigma of mental health. For no-nonsense strategies to address mental health and employee wellbeing talk to us today.

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Learning at Work Week 2018 trainer

Learning at Work Week 2019 trainer

30 October 2020: Your People Potential is back in the classroom

Meet the trainer:

  • Support your people to reach their potential.
    • When you think you need a new strategy.
    • When someone is going through distress.
    • When conflict is inevitable. Or you’re worried about compliance.
    • You’ll be ready. So will they. [And we’ll be there for you.]
  • We exist to make worker wellbeing a priority.
    • Wellbeing at work isn’t about relaxation and candles.
    • It’s about dealing with mental health, stress and inequality head-on.
    • It’s about keeping your best talent and IP. And boosting productivity.
  • We believe in learning.
    • Learning isn’t an off-the-shelf job, or a one-off.
    • It’s a custom-made process for each individual. And it’s ongoing.
    • We believe in compassion — that’s what you need when the heart’s lost passion.
    • Because everyone has the right to be happy at work.
    • And good businesses deserve to prosper.
  • We believe in HR. They know your people.
    • Equip them and they will help you hit your targets.
    • And you’ll create a healthy, happy, positive culture.
    • Where your people feel satisfied, respected and secure.
    • Where they are steadfast, sociable and devoted.
    • Where wellbeing is a priority.
    • That’s how you impact the bottom line.

Products and services

Management Development Programme

We specialise in areas such as managing performance, motivating to increase productivity and reducing conflict. Our objective is to build better teams to grow your business. Programmes include development  for existing line managers and a separate programme to prepare newly promoted managers for the challenges they may face.

Training is aimed at managers without formal management development training. 

  • Communication: Become an attentive listener to build rapport and respect with team members
  • Delegation: Models for improving time management, increasing productivity and reducing operational workload
  • Performance management: Under-performance and team shortfalls – how to recognise and give feedback
  • Stress & mental health: Recognise signs of stress and poor mental health, manage stress and confidently initiate wellbeing conversations
  • Problem solving/decision making: Find a solutions-focused management style and increase consultation in decision-making
  • Coaching skills: How to coach and grow your team, increase delegation and boost facilitation of change
  • Conflict management: Conflict resolution skills to improve team communications and reduce staff turnover

Also included in the training programme are modules on orientation & goal setting; motivation; recruitment & selection; change management; emotional intelligence.

Managers are expected to apply their learning into the workplace between workshops and be prepared to share their experiences with others to help hone and refine their skills.

To find out more about how Your People Potential can help your managers to reduce and prevent stress at work call today on 01954 267640.


HR support

Your People Potential takes a pragmatic, empathetic approach when helping HR professionals to focus on bringing the best of themselves to work, while achieving the best for the business.

Jacqui is committed to helping busy HR Managers to reduce corporate disruption, increase employee productivity and make a more significant impact on business success. 

She works with organisations to keep employees engaged and focused on strategy so that HR can be an integral partner in determining what aspects of the business need to be addressed in order to meet board objectives.

Formerly working in HR management, Jacqui has become adept at identifying HR disruptions and developing training that inspires people to take action. She has helped many businesses make a lasting impact by creating environments in which people thrive. Jacqui identifies with busy HR professionals – she's been there!

To find out more about how Your People Potential can help your people to be more effective at work call today on 01954 267640.


Employee Wellbeing Training

Your People Potential have developed a series of workshops aimed at creating greater resilience in your people, helping them to reach their full potential for your business to grow.

Poor wellbeing in your organisation could be having a negative impact as more than a third of employees (36%) say that their emotional and physical health and wellbeing is most important to them at work. ... Health and wellbeing also has a direct impact on the loyalty employees feel towards their employer.

Our workshops include:

  • Emotional resilience
  • Sleep well always
  • Mindful weightloss for life
  • The art of being happy

To find out more about how Your People Potential can support your employees to be happier and more productive at work call today on 01954 267640.


Management Development for Employee Engagement: Open Courses and In-House Training

The most important factor in employee engagement is the relationship between the employee and their manager. If your business promotes the best technicians into management positions without providing any training in people skills then you are likely to have disengaged employees.

Your People Potential runs a series of workshops for managers to ensure that your people managers have the right soft-skills to manage people effectively (which are actually hard skills to master).

The programme is delivered over 12 half-day workshops. Training is aimed at managers without formal management development training. These workshops are based on the competencies needed to enhance employee engagement.

Training objectives:

At the end of the series of workshops your managers will:

  • Have an open, fair and consistent approach to management
  • Be able to manage themselves and their own emotions effectively
  • Handle conflict and problems as they arise
  • Have the ability to communicate well at all levels of the business
  • Manage with empathy and consideration
  • Understand others and be able to build trust and respect within the team
  • Support and encourage employee development

Managers are expected to apply their learning into the workplace between workshops and be prepared to share their experiences with others to help hone and refine their skills.

To find out more about how Your People Potential can help to increase employee engagement in your workplace call today on 01954 267640.

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