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Based in London and Cambridge, One Stop Language Solutions offers a wide range of language services in 150 languages (document translations, conference and business interpreting, language tuition)

Trusted by the Italian government, Unicef and the UN to name a few, One Stop Language Solutions has earned a strong reputation for providing accurate, carefully researched, flawless Italian to English and English to Italian translation services to companies and stellar professional interpreting services for events, conferences, exhibitions or business meetings.

We offer world-class services in over 150 languages, recognised professionalism, top quality, confidentiality, friendly approach and value for money, with 20 years’ experience.

Based in London and Cambridge, One Stop Language Solutions offers a range of language services intended for ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • All types of document translations: technical, scientific, pharmaceutical, medical, contractual, financial, marketing and legal texts, websites, promotional material, manuals and urgent or same day translations
  • All types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, interpret-as-you walk
  • Teaching: One-to-one and Group Business lessons. Courses for beginners, intermediates  and advanced learners. Conversational classes

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"Translation is not a matter of words only: It is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture" - Anthony Burgess

I am delighted to share with you a new video that shows a snapshot of my career highlights and my journey as an interpreter with some behind-the-scenes looks of me in action!

I’ve been privileged in my career to have had some incredible experiences and meet many wonderful and inspiring people. I’ve travelled around the world to conferences, EWCs and more.

I truly love my job and this industry, but interpreting is more than just about the language - knowledge, contextualization, preparation, rapid analysis, subtly of expression, savoir faire, diplomacy, soft skills, human relations and teamwork come into play. And of course, a smile!

I put my heart into every assignment. In return, I get from every experience the awareness of making intelligible the different cultures I embrace.

So, my wish to all of you today is to find the same motivation in what you do. Sit back, brew a fresh coffee and enjoy!

Watch my video here>>>

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Support for your business or event - whatever the language

One Stop is well placed to deliver the service you need, having worked with experts in subjects ranging from toxicology to medical device manufacturing, biosciences to analytic computing, ophthalmology to defence.  

We offer:

  • All types of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, Interpret-as-you walk) whatever the format of the meeting or event.
  • All types of written translations (websites, web shops, promotional material and manuals, legal, financial, marketing and urgent or same day translations) to reach audiences and target groups in remote parts of the world.
  •  Conference and event support (provision of translation booths, sound equipment and event assistance) to suit your business requirements.

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