Adobe Photoshop CS6 Training Course: Beginners

This course is for beginners without having had a previous knowledge of Photoshop. By the end of the course you will be able to create images for use in a wide variety of applications. You will also understand when to and not to use Photoshop when creating flyers, posters and Websites.

Dates Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 06:00
Venue This 1 day course can either be held at your premises or at the local Cambridgeshire venue in Cambourne on a date suitable for you.
Contact Name Cindy
Contact Phone 0800 158 3588
Website Event website

Event details:

If you are adjusting or creating images for brochures, magazines, newspapers or a website Photoshop CS6 is a must for a professional look. This 1 day Adobe Photoshop CC training course is available to run on most days, either at your own premises or at the local Cambourne Venue. 

This 1 day Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course is available either at your premises or at the local Cambourne training venue. The rates below are all-inclusive and include 3 months post training support. To book this course please contact us with the dates that are convenient for you, as soon as a training date has been confirmed the day can be booked, and beautiful images await you!

Course Outline

Using Adobe Bridge CS6

  • Organising Pictures using Bridge CS6
  • Renaming files in Adobe Bridge CS6
  • Using Bridge to Add Keywords

Getting Around Adobe Photoshop CS6 - New Interface?

  • Explore the Photoshop Interface
  • Customise the Workspace
  • Using History to Correct Mistakes
  • Using Shortcuts to save time

Determining Graphic Type and Resolution using Photoshop CS6

  • Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Understand Image Resolution
  • Resizing Images
  • Document Dimensions
  • Changing Image Mode

Working with Selections in Photoshop CS6

  • Selection Tools
    • Marquee Selection
    • Quick Selection Tool
    • Lasso Tools
  • Save a Selection
  • Inverting a Selection
  • Modify a Selection
  • Apply Colour to a Selection

Photoshop CS6 Layers

  • Create Layers
  • Work with Type Layers
  • Transform Layers
  • Apply Styles
  • Undo Previous Steps
  • Manage Layers

Enhancing Images in Photoshop CS6

  • Cropping an Image to a Specific Size
  • Adjust a washed out Photograph
  • Colour correction in Photoshop CS6
  • Changing Colours in a Photo
  • Removing unwanted Items in Photoshop CS6
  • From Colour to Black & White
  • What is Content Awareness in Photoshop CS6

Saving Images for Web and Print in Photoshop CS6

  • Save Images for Print
  • Save Images for the Web
  • Save Images as PDFs

To see a full list of training rates are available on our website, alterntaively each course page has a course calculator for your convenience. 

The course outline is available to view here and via the website. 

For a taster why not check out our  Adobe Photoshop Bitesized Online Training Videos


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