Africa Together Conference: Africa’s Re-emergence: Taking Back Control

The Africa Together Conference is the premier student-led conference on Africa at the University of Cambridge. Former participants have included Heads of State, government ministers, foreign secretaries, CEOs, governors of central banks, and WTO and UN representatives. As the timing of this year’s conference finds the African continent at a crossroads as it recovers from the shocks of the Covid-19 pandemic, this event promises to be the most critical one yet.

The 2022 Africa Together Conference will feature three Keynote addresses as well as three-panel discussions, in addition to project pitches, and artistic and cultural exhibitions by African creatives.

The keynote addresses will explore:

  • The impact of neo-colonial interferences in Africa
  • The role of African youth in establishing pathwaysto a self-sustaining Africa
  • Africa’s Re-emergence: Taking Back Control.

The panel discussions will interrogate:

  • Leadership and Security
  • Indigenous Innovations and Business
  • Africa’s Future Pitch (AFP)’, which is a maiden event, where top three finalists will present community development projects for feedback and potential investment offers.

Some of our confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the former African Union representative to the US
  • Prof. Muhammadou M. O. Kah, Ambassador of The Gambia to Switzerland & Permanent Representative to UN Organisations at Geneva
  • Mr Takyi-Appiah, CEO and Founder Zeepay
  • Mr Sangu Delle, CEO Golden Palm Investment
  • Ms Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, Co-Founder Sahel Capital Partners and Advisory Limited
  • Mr Benjamin Fernandes, Co-founder Nala Money
  • and many more.

Following the patronage of our previous Africa Together Conferences, we expect hundreds of delegates representing all African regions to attend the conference, both in-person and online. The ATC 2022 will provide the platform for individuals, businesses and institutions to network and create new strategic partnerships to build coordinated responses to current continental challenges. We also intend to galvanize tangible commitments from continental and diasporic allies, to pledge both resources and expertise towards the actionable projects and resolutions that will emerge from the conference, by inviting our delegates to sign the ATC 2022 Conference Charter.

We will culminate the conference with an African Ball. This will feature a curated African reception, unique canapes, and a three-course dinner.

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