Transition to Management Training Course

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The ‘first line manager’ role is unique in organisations as this person is the one level who manages ‘non-managers’. This brings its own set of hurdles to overcome, and for people new to managing others there is a lot to learn.

This course is aimed at those new to management; those with about 6 months experience as a manager; or those you are looking to promote in the next few months.


This programme will help new managers learn about:

  • how their job changes the friendship and management relationship

  • the key challenges ahead so they can avoid early mistakes

  • how not to do it all themselves and delegate things to help

  • managing workloads and deadlines, especially customer demands

  • dealing with the early stages of people problems and conflict

  • developing their team through coaching and team work

  • running team briefings

  • giving 1-2-1 reviews and coaching feedback

  • managing the day-to-day priorities of their team whilst managing their own day job

  • developing a ‘tool-kit’ of techniques and skills which they can use to cope with issues they will face as they grow into their new job

Overall, being a new manager can be tough; and a practical toolkit of best practice do’s and don’ts will really help new managers avoid mistakes, and feel more equipped to cope in the early days.

Who should attend

  • Team leaders, supervisors and project managers with up to one years’ experience in their new role
  • High potentials who look to be promoted in the next 6 months
  • Technical and project leads who would like to ‘up skill’ on their management techniques

"The course really helped build confidence in taking the next step and has provided some really useful tools. I am very impressed and grateful to you all!"

 "Really valuable session. The exercises helped put situations in perspective. Discussions helped analyse behaviours."

"The course helped me to realise my weaknesses and how to overcome them. Very good tips.  Excellent communicator and listener."

Programme Overview

Day one

  • Kicking off - the early days

    • Being a manager – what it means

    • Coping with the changes ahead

    • Typical challenges to deal with

    • Creating good habits and routines early

  • Getting things done

    • Managing and doing your own work together

    • Keeping focused on what you want to achieve

    • Target and objective setting

    • Giving work to others – the art of delegation

    • Building in time to do value added things

Day two

  • Developing my people

    • Coaching around the task to support others

    • Using key motivators to create followers

    • Dealing with people problems early

    • Giving difficult feedback

  • Developing my team

    • Building trust and respect in the team

    • Spreading the workload

    • Growing the team through briefings and working together

    • Working with remote workers

    • Action Planning and gaps to develop


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Duration: 2 Days Credits: 3.6
Max. Delegates: 12 Member Cost: £540.00+VAT
  Non-Member Cost: £810.00+VAT

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Image by geralt on Pixabay.