Peer learning

Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration runs a number of peer learning groups, summarised below. Some groups are included in Enhanced Membership rates, whilst others are paid for either by annual subscription or on a PAYG basis. All groups are aimed at Enhanced Members although exceptions can be made.

Cambridge Leaders' Academy – CEO Group

The Cambridge Leaders Academy (CLA) is a small invitation-only peer learning group for CEOs and Senior Business Unit Leaders in Cambridge.  Founded by local CEOs, the aim is to “raise the performance of Cambridge Business Leadership to equal or surpass its reputation for technology”.  The group meets monthly over the year’s subscription.
Next programme start date: Ongoing.

Technology and Innovation Leaders' Group

This group is for senior R&D staff from a wide range of technology companies.  Members of the group attend an annual programme of regular meetings and dinners designed to maximise cross exchange/shared learning of experiences around topics determined by the group. Members pay annually or on a PAYG basis.
Next programme start date: Ongoing.

Strategic Managers' Group

This group is for managers who design and implement change and may set the strategic direction for their function. They will have other managers reporting to them and work with other senior managers to manage business performance. Each programme takes place over a 5 month period and managers sign up for the whole programme.
Next programme start date:  Tuesday 20th June 2017

Experienced Managers' Group

This group is for experienced managers with several years’ experience in a middle to senior management role who tend to be moving into a position where they’re responsible for achieving results through others and where the balance has shifted from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’; they are often responsible for large projects. The programme for this group starts each year and and takes place over a 5 month period. We're holding a waiting list of interest for this group until we have enough to schedule a date. Please contact us for more details.

New Managers' Group

This group supports managers new to managing people. The sessions enable peer-exchange with colleagues of a similiar level in different organisations; the agenda addresses members’ real-life leadership priorities under expert facilitation. The programme starts each Spring and Autumn and takes place over a 5 month period with managers signing up for the whole programme.This group is a natural progression for managers who have taken our popular Transition to Managment course.
Next programme start date: Thursday 16th March 2017

Embedded Software Engineers

This peer learning programme is designed for senior embedded software engineers across all industries to develop their knowledge through exchange with colleagues in different organisations in a trusted environment.   The group is facilitated by Niall Cooling, CEO, Feabhas, a well-respected trainer with over 20 years’ experience working in this field, including several running training for the Learning Collaboration.
Please contact us for more details.

HR, Learning & Development Group

This free, invitation-only, forum was formed in 2011 by HR, L&D and OD Managers in Cambridge to explore management and leadership development issues and to assist collaboration among Cambridge Network member organisations.  The group has regular meetings and members take turns to host the sessions.

Recruitment Group

A special interest group for members to discuss issues related to recruitment. This is an open forum aimed at in-house recruiters, talent acquisition specialists and HR professionals with overall responsibility for in-house recruitment. We will also cover reward, compensation and benefits functions.

Marketing, Communications and Events Group

This invitation-only peer learning group aimed at staff with responsibility for marketing, communications and events within Cambridge Network Enhanced Member organisations.  It is an open forum enabling knowledge-sharing and peer learning.  The meetings are held regularly and hosted at members' organisations. Attendance at this group is included in Enhanced Membership.

PA Forum

This forum is open to Cambridge Network Enhanced Members and/or those using Learning Collaboration courses on a regular basis and is included in membership.   PAs, Executive Assistants and senior secretaries meet to share peer-to-peer learning and common challenges.  Meetings are held four or five times a year and are hosted by member organisations.


For more information about any of these, please contact us:

Have a look at our news pages for updates from the peer learning groups.