Customer Faithful launches SME Workshop for marketing in a post GDPR world

For small businesses, GDPR regulations can be a daunting challenge - so many rules, so little clear guidance! So Customer Faithful's founder, Rick Harris, has launched a half-day workshop to help SMEs understand what they can and can't do with their client and customer data, and how to run marketing activities in an effective and GDPR-friendly way.

About the workshop

This workshop is custom-designed for SMEs who want to conduct marketing activities in a GDPR-friendly way. Its two-part formula targets two core objectives:

1.   To enable organisations to be GDPR compliant in the personal data they hold

2.   To guide how contact details and other personal data can be used effectively in outbound marketing

The workshop is a combination of consultative review and practical guidance, packed with advice, step-by-step guides and worked examples to get you up-and-running with marketing in a post-GDPR world!

You will come away from this 4-hour session with the knowledge, materials and enthusiasm to embrace GDPR as a positive opportunity.


The 4-hour session is typically conducted on client premises, or at a location of the client’s choice, and costs just £499 plus VAT.

Contact to arrange your workshop.



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