Don’t get left behind on your current phone system – now is the time to jump to the future

If you've been considering switching from your current phone system to a cloud telephony solution, now is the time to do it.

Cloud Telephony

The UK is migrating to faster, more reliable and responsive Internet Protocol technology. By 2025 every phone line in the UK will be connected to a completely digital network that employs Internet Protocol through a fibre-based service. The change affects the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).

To use this fully digital network, any business systems that connect to a traditional phone line (PSTN or ISDN) will need to be moved to a fibre-based service. A future-ready transition that we will make as seamless as possible for you.

This national upgrade will make sure the UK has the secure infrastructure to support every small, medium-sized business and school in the future. Better connectivity between office, your home and your colleagues. All with enhanced data security to support working from anywhere.

Breathe Technology says: we offer a solution for you: “Breathe Easy – Voice”, a cloud telephone system designed to work from anywhere. The solution brings your teams together, whether they are working from the office or at home! The experience for incoming calls is completely seamless. The best part is that switching might not even cost you anything! In other words, it's generally cost neutral when compared to your existing spending. This is something we can look into for you.

Make the move early and it’ll be business as usual.

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